Genshin Impact Tier List

Genshin Impact Tier List Description

You’ll find here the tier list of Genshin Impact Playable Characters in Spiral Abyss. This Genshin Impact tier list is based on the Character Usage Rate in Spiral Abyss around the world and the trait of the Characters.

For unreleased characters, we will also provide the expected tier list calculated based on the data in the beta server.

We also listed out all version’s tier list for your reference. To know more details for specific version tier list, please click the corresponding version tier list.

Click the character for more details and explanations.

Last Update: 2024-05-27

Update Log: 23 April 2024

  • For the 4.6 update.
    Arlecchino is added to the SS tier. 

Genshin Impact Tier List History

All Characters 4.5 Tier List