Genshin Impact 4.5 Spiral Abyss Best Team Comps
This page will provide an overview of the most commonly used team compositions for Spiral Abyss (Floor 9 to 12) in Genshin Impact 4.5.
Each of these teams has its own unique advantages, so they are not ranked in order of importance as we understand that travelers have their own preferred play styles. Please note that due to the addition of a new character of Genshin Impact, the number of possible team combinations is constantly increasing, and the list provided here is not exhaustive but rather intended as a reference for travelers.

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon : Arrowgale Moon


2024-04-16 to 2024-05-01

  • 2hen a character triggers the Swirl reaction, all party members’ Normal, Charged and Plunge Attack DMG is increased by 20% for 10s, max 3 stacks.

  • This effect can be triggered once every 0.1s and each stack is timed independently.

Floor 9
 Ley Line Disorder
  • After a character triggers a Vaporize reaction, the Vaporize reaction DMG for that character is increased by 50% for 5s.

Floor 9 Team Comp
Floor 10
Ley Line Disorder
  • Character deals 50% increased DMG to opponents affected by Hydro.
Floor 10 Team Comp
Floor 11

Ley Line Disorder

  • All party members receive a 75% Geo DMG Bonus.

4.5  Enemy

Xuanwen Beast

To temporarily paralyze it, freeze the target and then disrupt its frozen state with elemental reactions.

Data collection for 4.4 Spiral Abyss Floor 11 is in progress.


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Floor 12

Ley Line Disorder

  • For this floor only , the Ley Line flow will be normal .

Data collection for 4.4 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 is in progress.

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4.5  boss 

  Icewind Suite: Dirge of Coppelia
  •  Coppelia is the main character of the performance Icewind Suite: Dirge of Coppelia. The performance reaches it climax after 30s or after HP falls below 71%.
  •  At the climax of the performance, Coppelia will move to the center of the stage, summon countless Whirlwinds of Dirge and increase all-type RES by 25%.
  • Attacking her with Pnuema 1 time will remove the RES increase and reduce her DMG. Attacking her with Pnuema 3 times will terminate the climax.
  •  If not terminated, the climax will finish after 3 sections. Each section lasts for 12s. The next climax starts 30s after the previous one finishes.