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Simulated Universe World 5 Team Comp

Simulated Universe World 5 Enemies Summary

DMG Type
Debuff RES
Stellaron Hunter: Kafka
Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter
Blaze Out of Space
Guardian Shadow
Voidranger: Trampler

Simulated Universe World 5 Team Comp

Suggested Team Formation for World 5

DPS – As weakness of the Boss and most of the Elites in World 5 is Phyical, Physical DPS characters are prior to be included in the team comp. For the second DPS, you can choose either Wind or Imaginary which also can deal with the Boss and most of the Elites.

Shield/Taunt/SupportMarch 7th is good in dealing with Boss Fight of World 5, because March 7th‘s skill can dispel debuff from ally. If you use Trailblazer (Fire) or Gepard, it is suggested to pick the Preservation blessing “Construct: Rotation – When a character gains a Shield, there is a 20% fixed chance to dispel 1 debuff that is currently placed on the character.” to help dispel the “Dominated” debuff during Boss fight. Bronya is also a choice as her skill can dispel debuff and she is also a good support. And she is Wind character who can help break toughness of the Boss.

HealerNatasha‘s skill can dispel debuff from ally in Boss Fight, while Bailu is not able to do the same but deals more healing.

Physical DPS
(Pick either one)

Genshinlab_Trailblazer (Physical)
Trailblazer (Physical)

Wind/Imaginary DPS
(Pick either one)

Genshinlab_Welt Build
Dan Heng

(Pick either one)

Genshinlab_March7th Build
March 7th
Genshinlab_Trailblazer (Fire)
Trailblazer (Fire)
Genshinlab_Gepard Build

(Pick either one)


Simulated Universe World 5 Suggested Path(s) & Blessings Picking Strategy

Path of The Abundance

Resonance Formation Priority

You should choose the blessings according the below priority(if you can’t get them all) :

  1. Resonance Formation: Anicca After releasing a Path Resonance, removes all characters’ debuffs and applies 1 stack(s) of Subduing Evils for 1 turn(s).
    The key in the Boss fight. It offers removal of debuffs from allies when using Path Resonance which can make sure the debuffs “Dominated” from The Boss can be removed timely, especially in P3. 
  2. Resonance Formation: Anatta After Path Resonance Energy is consumed for the first time in battle for the use of Path Resonance, the Path Resonance for the Abundance will appear on the action order. The Outgoing Healing provided by This Resonance decreases by 30%. When this Resonance takes action, it will automatically release Path Resonance to heal allies.
    An “automatic” Resonance Formation will run on the action order. If it luckily happens after the Boss just applied the “Dominated” debuffs, it can clear the debuffs immediately and the “manual” Resonance Formation can be reserved for next round of debuffs.
  3. Resonance Formation: Terminal Nirvana When any ally receives lethal DMG, the Resonance of Path of Abundance prevents them from being knocked down and automatically consumes all Energy to release Path Resonance. This effect can trigger up to 1 time(s) per battle.
    The least important Formation among them.
Blessings picking strategy
To maximize DMG output before the Boss can get too strong to one shot the characters, players should balance this defensive playstyle with DMG blessings. For the Abundance path, the main source of DMG is from the “Dewdrop” related blessings. You are recommended to balance betweenh defensive and DMG blessings to make sure you can survive to deal considerable DMG. Below are important blessings of the Abundance path :
  • Prosperity, Longevity(Enhanced) : Charges Dewdrop when a character’s HP is restored. The Charge value is equal to 100% of the amount of healing received, and increases the DMG of Dewdrop by 40%.
  • Mudra of Blessing(Enhanced) : Charges Dewdrop at the beginning of a character’s turn. The Charge value is equal to 70% of their Max HP.
  • Salvation From Damnation : When Dewdrop breaks, there is a 65% fixed chance to remove 1 debuff on the character.
  • Mortals of the Buddha-Field(Enhanced) : When the character’s HP is full, increases the Charging Efficiency for Dewdrop by 120%.
  • Victorious Force : After a character is healed, increases their SPD by 10% for 1 turn(s).
  • Rain of Truth(Enhanced) : For each Abundance Blessing, increase allies’ respective Max HP by 7%. This effect can stack up to a max of 9 time(s).
  • Aversion to Suffering : After launching attacks, characters deal Additional DMG equal to 36% of their current HP.
  • Precious Moon-Like Candlelight(Enhanced) : When a character provides healing to allies, increases the ATK of all allies by 50% for 1 turn(s).
You can also pick some DPS boosted blessings from other Paths but not just only from the Abundance. 

Path of The Hunt

Resonance Formation Priority

You should choose the blessings according the below priority(if you can’t get them all) :

  1. Resonance Formation: Bow and Arrow – When Path Resonance: The Hunt deals damage, enemies whose HP is lower than 50% are guaranteed to receive CRIT Hits, with the CRIT DMG at 50%. When the enemy is defeated, regenerates 50% Energy.
    This Formation is in prior because it enhanced the DMG of the Resonance the most. Also using the Resonance to defeat enemey results in generation of 50 Energy which is useful when clearing mobs in World 5. 
  2. Resonance Formation: Perfect Aim
    Increase the Energy limit of Path Resonance from 100 to 200 points. When an ally’s turn starts, additionally regenerates 3% Energy for Path Resonance.
    More energy means more frequent use of the Resonance.
  3. Resonance Formation: Star Hunter
    When using Path Resonance, the ally with the highest ATK will be given a turn instantly and be granted Light-Hunting Celestial Arrow, lasting until this ally uses any ability.
    Also a good choice after choosing Resonance – Bow and Arrow.
Blessings picking strategy
Most of the blessings of the Hunt increase overall DMG of characters, by increasing their SPD, CRI DMG and CRIT Rate. Below are important blessings of the Hunt path :
  • Imperishable Victory(Enhanced) : After a character defeats an enemy, their action is Advanced Forward by 100%. At the beginning of the next turn, they gain 7 stack(s) of Critical Boost.
  • Imperial Reign(Enhanced) : When a character’s turn begins, they gain 1 stack(s) of Critical Boost and increases the stack limit of Critical Boost to 12.
  • Adept’s Bow(Enhanced) : When an ally uses their Ultimate or performs a follow-up attack, they can inherit Critical Boost, and number of Critical Boost stacks increases by 1.
  • Flowing Mist : When the same character acts consecutively, their ATK increases by 40%. This effect can stack up to 2 time(s).
  • Ejecting the Borisin(Enhanced) : After every 6 turn(s) conducted by all allies, the current character’s action is Advanced Forward by 100%. This effect cannot be triggered repeatedly by the same character. Upon entering battle, 5 turn(s) are considered to have already passed.
  • Battle Against the Old Foe(Enhanced) : If a character has higher than 100% CRIT Rate and currently has Critical Boost, for every 1% CRIT Rate that exceeds 100%, CRIT DMG increases by 3%. For every stack of Critical Boost, CRIT DMG increases by an extra 0.2%. CRIT DMG can be increased this way by up to 200%.
  • Shrewd Arrangement : Increases CRIT DMG by 20%.
  • Thundering Chariot : When a character Breaks the enemy’s Weakness, delays the enemy’s action by 20%.  
  • Catasstrophic Constellation : At the end of a character’s turn, their next action is Advanced Forward by 8%.
  • Vaulting Ambition : At the beginning of a character’s turn, regenerates 4 Energy.
  • Skirting Life and Death : Increases CRIT Rate by 11%.
You can also pick some DPS boosted blessings from other Paths but not just only from the Hunt. 

Simulated Universe World 5 Tips for Boss Fight

In World 5, you will face Stellaron Hunter: Kafka in the final boss fight. The entrie fight consists of 3 phases.

Phase 1

The fight starts with Kafka and two mobs. Kafka will stack a ever-last buff of DMG increase of 2% when any allies trigger the Shock state. Here are the keys for phase 1 :

  • Focus on Kafka, kill the mobs by Cleave/Aoe DMG.
  • Although removing Shock from allies can slow the stacking of the DMG increase buff on Kafka, resources(i.e. skill point) should be used to dealing DMG on Kafka instead of wasting them on cleansing the debuff. 

Phase 2

Starting from Phase 2, Kafka will use a skill which applies the debuff “Psychological Suggestion” on two allies and add Revelion to the action bar. When Revelation takes action, allies with the “Psychological Suggestion” will be dominated. On one hand, Dominated ally will attack other fellow allies, on the other hand, one turn of the dominated ally is wasted. So, the keys for phase 2 are :

  • Using character with cleansing skill/Path Resonance of the Abundance/blessings which can cleanse debuff to remove “Psychological Suggestion” from allies is in prior. 
  • Save resources when Kakfa is in low HP so that you can have DMG boost on Kafka in phase 3.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, three allies will be inflicted by “Psychological Suggestion” when Kafka uses the skill. 

  • Same as phase 2, removal of “Psychological Suggestion” from allies is in prior.
  • If you can’t remove all debuffs, try to prioritize the cleansing of characters. You can remove debuffs from DPS and healer at first.