How To Defeat Automaton Grizzly

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How to beat Automaton Grizzly: Boss fight guide for Honkai Star Rail

Automaton Grizzly is a forced boss fight at Main Storyline Mission: Ones Fallen Into the Abyss. Here’s the detailed point-form guide for you to have a quick study for this boss fight.

Ice, Fire, Lightning
HP (Lv. 1 – 50):
967- 26,767
Attack (Lv.1 – 50):
12 – 234
Defense (Lv. 1 – 50):
210 – 700
Speed (Lv. 1 – 50):
Toughness (Lv. 1 – 50):
  • The boss is weak against Fire, Ice, and Lightning attacks, so it’s recommended to have a Lightning character from the previous fight, along with March 7th and a leveled-up Asta.
  • Players should be cautious of the Automaton Grizzly‘s abilities, particularly Detonation Order which summons two other robots that explode on their next turn.
  • To prevent this, players should use a Lightning or Wind character to destroy these adds as quickly as possible.
  • If players destroy the adds early, they will explode and deal damage to the Automaton Grizzly.
  • The Automaton Grizzly can also inflict significant area-of-effect damage and taunt players’ characters, causing them to focus on the Automaton Grizzly instead of the adds.

Best Team for Automaton Grizzly Boss Fight

Dan Heng
March 7th

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