How To Defeat Bronya

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How to beat Bronya: Boss fight guide for Honkai Star Rail

Bronya will appear as a boss fight at Main Storyline Mission: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide. Here’s the detailed point-form guide for you to have a quick study for this boss fight.

Physical, Fire, Imaginary
HP (Lv. 1 – 50):
893 – 24,708
Attack (Lv.1 – 50):
12 – 234
Defense (Lv. 1 – 50):
210 – 700
Speed (Lv. 1 – 50):
Toughness (Lv. 1 – 50):


  • The boss fight is split into 2 phases.
  • In the 1st phase, the player must face three Silvermane Soldiers. These should be dealt with quickly by exploiting their weaknesses and using area-of-effect attacks.
  • The Silvermane Soldiers have an ability that can make the player lose HP over time (DoT) called Bleed. If this occurs, it’s important to address it promptly.
  • Once the first wave is cleared, Bronya enters accompanied by two additional soldiers. It’s best to take down the soldiers first to make it easier to focus on Bronya later.
  • Bronya has no weaknesses, so the player should opt for a pure-DPS approach to defeat her.
  • Using the Trailblazer(Physical) attacks after casting an ultimate ability can cause Bronya to lose her Weakness immunity, which makes her vulnerable to Fire and Physical attacks.
  • It’s recommended to bring March 7th to the fight, as she can use her unique skills to cast a defensive shield and freeze Bronya and her minions.
  • Players should aim to reduce Bronya’s Break bar until she’s immobilized, and then use powerful attacks to chip away at her HP. However, it’s important to note that Bronya can follow up her usual single attack with an extra action, dealing consecutive damage.
  • If Bronya recovers her Break bar, she can regain her Weakness immunity. In this case, players should follow the same strategy as before to inflict Weaknesses on her.

Best Team for Bronya Boss Fight

March 7th

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