Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters Overview and effects

2 Set Effect

Increases DMG dealt to enemies with debuff by 12%.

4 Set Effect

Increases CRIT Rate by 4%. The wearer deals 8%/12% increased CRIT DMG to enemies with at least 2/3 debuffs. After the wearer inflicts a debuff on enemy targets, the aforementioned effects increase by 100%, lasting for 1 turn(s).

Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters Recommended Character

Following characters are recommended to use Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters.

Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters Story

Clouds accumulate over Orkron’s night sky, and shimmering planetary rings are concealed within them. Scarlet snowflakes fall on the heavy helmet, quietly filling the grooves of rusted iron, covering the traces of erosion. The two girls sit in the cedarwood forest… taking a momentary break in their journey.

“Look! The air in Orkron smells like raspberries.” Scarlet snowflakes fall on the soft, cloud-like sugar threads and quickly disappear. The little Nameless from Toyro laughs and then bends over, holding her stomach. She laughs at her choice of words — how can you see the scent with your eyes? After a moment of shared laughter, the silence cuts through like a sharpened blade, and the air seems to frost over in an instant.

“Frebass, are you still going to the depths of IX?” The question comes from her companion who is always carrying a long blade. She is a good companion, but no one knows where she comes from.

The little Nameless hides inside her bulky diving suit. A pregnant pause later, she hands the companion a slightly burnt marshmallow, her eyes narrowed like the silhouette of a fully opened sail: “Of course — because I will walk on a road deeper and further than Akivili’s!”