Fleet of the Ageless Overview and effects

2 Set Effect

Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 120 or higher, all allies’ ATK increases by 8%.

Fleet of the Ageless Availability

Where to get Fleet of the Ageless

Fleet of the Ageless can be obtained from

Simulated Universe, World 3

Elite/Boss Redeemed with 1 Immersifier or 40 Trailblaze when defeated.

Fleet of the Ageless Recommended Character

Following characters are recommended to use Fleet of the Ageless.

Fleet of the Ageless Story

Thousands of years ago, the Xianzhou Luofu set sail from an ancient nation, crossing deep space to seek an audience with a god in pursuit of the elixir of immortality.

The colossal ship enclosing entire biospheres lumbered into the starry sky like a lucid moon silently falling into the night, embarking on an endless and aimless journey. In this lonely voyage, people slumbered, woke up, and slumbered again in incessant alternation… Star-chasing whales fell from the dome of heaven, and crystalline entities made of subgrain lattice managed to span light years without a single crack. The Elixir Seekers witnessed the majesty of various supernatural powers. In covert delight, they further hardened their resolve to obtain immortality.

After voyaging for thousands of years, the Xianzhou Luofu gradually came to a halt, whereupon it encountered the master of the Abundance in the limbo between the reality and the imaginary. Yaoshi bestowed a divine miracle upon the ship, and it immediately manifested as the Ambrosial Arbor. Its shade was as large as clouds, blocking out the sky and sun. Its roots were thick and dense, enveloping the entire Xianzhou ship — the Luofu seemed to be brought to life.

Those who coveted immortality swallowed the fruit of the Ambrosial Arbor, and finally obtained the Endless Lifespan they had dreamed so much about. The Xianzhou residents began to claim they were celestial beings worthy of endless lifespans in abundance, and they also learned to use the Ambrosial Arbor to create various inhuman marvels via the blessings of immortality.

Yet, just like the shifting of the sun and moon, what once prospered was fated to decline and what once brought elation must eventually induce agony. It was not until the arrival of the Three Sufferings, when people were tormented to near extinction, that the Xianzhou people finally came to understand the true nature of this so-called miracle, which was nothing but harrowing calamity.

In the midst of disaster, a hero rose with the Reignbow and split the Ambrosial Arbor in half. The Xianzhou people regained their dignity as humans, and vowed to return to mortality and purge all deathless doom in this universe. In the ensuing years, Xianzhou went on a hunt across the stellar seas, taking it upon themselves to purge all deathless abominations. The Foxians regained their freedom and took back control of the sky, while the Vidyadhara sealed off the contamination and any residual catastrophes. The three races were then brought together in a covenant and coalition. Thus was born the Xianzhou Alliance.

Prosperity and calamity came and went in cycles during the voyage. Heroes and legends rose to fame and glory one after another as history marched on. Now, the Xianzhou Luofu is healing and reconstructing in a period of hard-won peace. Free trade and open minds truly brought it back to life.

Immortality had permanently molded the Xianzhou Luofu. With its ups and downs through history, the Xianzhou Luofu accumulated its own unique aura that combined both antiquity and modernity. It would only take any traveling merchant mere seconds to feel the marks left by the passage of time on this ark.