Echoes of an Offering

echoes_of _an_offering_flower
echoes_of _an_offering_plume
echoes_of _an_offering_sands
echoes_of _an_offering_goblet
echoes_of _an_offering_circlet

Echoes of an Offering Overview

Echoes of an Offering is an Artifact Set with maximum 5 star rarity in Genshin Impact.

2-Piece Bonus

ATK +18%

4-Piece Bonus

When Normal Attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance that it will trigger Valley Rite, which will increase Normal Attack DMG by 60% of ATK. This effect will be dispelled 0.05s after a Normal Attack deals DMG. If a Normal Attack fails to trigger Valley Rite, the odds of it triggering the next time will increase by 20%. This trigger can occur once every 0.3s.

Echoes of an Offering Availability

Where to get Echoes of an Offering

To be advised.

Echoes of an Offering Recommended Character

Echoes of an Offering is mainly used by DPS role’s character. Following characters are recommended to use Echoes of an Offering.

Recommended Characters for 2-Piece Bonus

Applicable to all DPS

Recommended Characters for 4-Piece Bonus