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Wastelander of Banditry Desert Overview and effects

2 Set Effect

Increases Imaginary DMG by 10%.

4 Set Effect

When attacking debuffed enemies, the wearer’s CRIT Rate increases by 10%. If the enemy is Imprisoned, then the wearer’s CRIT DMG increases by 20%.

Wastelander of Banditry Desert Recommended Character

Following characters are recommended to use Wastelander of Banditry Desert.

Wastelander of Banditry Desert Story

The Wastelanders of Talia must wear a mask at all times to protect themselves from the ever-present threats of residual radiation and sandstorms. Nobody knew if any scientific principles were even taken into account when such wild re-modifications of the ventilator mask were made. Perhaps it was all just a placebo effect.

“Haven’t you heard? That old fool across the valley plugged water tubes into his mask! I definitely couldn’t take that, if it were me.”

The Wastelanders seldom complain about the extremely harsh climate in Talia. For one thing, ever since the nuclear blast filled the atmosphere with sand and dust, nothing could be done about it. Another reason, however, was that when red sand filled the air and blocked out the sun, it provided them with a prime opportunity to ambush the encampments of other bandit groups, as they could put on breathing masks and pop up out of nowhere among the sweeping sandstorms.

A cohort of prepared bandits attacking another cohort of unprepared bandits — such is the law of survival in Talia.

This sandstorm mask looks like a hassle to put on and remove. It has a “Nailscrap Town” anti-fraud production mark on it.