Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Overview and effects

2 Set Effect

Increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 10%. Meanwhile, the wearer’s ATK increases by an amount that is equal to 25% of Effect Hit Rate, up to a maximum of 25%.

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Availability

Where to get Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise can be obtained from

Simulated Universe,World 5

Elite/Boss Redeemed with 1 Immersifier or 40 Trailblaze when defeated.


Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Recommended Character

Following characters are recommended to use Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise.

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Story

The universe is in imminent peril, and the building of the wall cannot wait. The puny humans had no intention of imitating the feats of the god, instead gathering into a self-proclaimed “support team” for the Aeon, willing to devote everything to the Amber Lord. With the power of the Preservation, the support team piloted their fleet to different galaxies to purchase building materials such as stone, wood, gold, and supernium, then tirelessly transported these to the subspace barrier, piling the items on the planetary wasteland.

After the end of the short development period, the support team took a firm foothold in Pier Point and established the Interastral Peace Corporation. In order to fully carry out their devotion, they turned their sights to deep space.

Louis Fleming raised a call for action, and the long-distance trade fleet left the star systems adjacent to Aeon Qlipoth. Their commodities were no longer limited to building materials… They plan to connect the whole Galaxy and trade everything. Soon after, Dongfang Qixing implemented Galaxy-wide trade regulations and built a “credit” system to set a price for everything across the universe. Trillions of assets gathered under their megastructure on Pier Point. Like a silent black hole, the building destroyed people’s notions about the limits of wealth.

Today, the ships of the Interastral Peace Corporation are all over the galaxy. Despite being criticized as a corporate dictatorship, the IPC has not stopped expanding. They don’t care what other people think and have never forgotten their founding mission.

The IPC’s recruit training methods change with each passing day, but after nearly eight hundred Amber Eras, there is only one historical practice that never changed. Once upon a time, Louis Fleming, the founder of the IPC, stood in front of the support team and made a passionate speech. He put forward the aspiration of uniting the universe and supporting the Aeon’s wishes to protect the universe. As soon as the speech ended, the distant and huge sound of a galactic impact sounded, injecting a lofty calling into this solemn and sublime moment. From that moment on, they knew this would become their unswerving belief.

“All in the name of the Amber Lord.”