Palworld Pals Tier List

Palworld Pals Tier List Description

Last Update: 4 April 2024
Change log: 4 April 2024

  • Digtoise‘s Carft Skill “Minging” of have been significantly enhanced (for the patch
  • Pals’ Tier is changed according to the patch For breeding information. You can refer to the full version of Palworld Breeding Combos & Calculator

For the pal stats and ability, please click on the pal and refer to an individual pal guide.

Palworld Pals Tier list

You’ll find here the tier list of Palworld Pals Tier List Playable Pals. This Palworld Pals Tier List is based on the pals’ performance in battle and work skills. This Tier list is up to date for the version to be released in January.

Tier lists provide a basic understanding of what is typically deemed effective or ineffective. However, it’s crucial to remember that they don’t present a comprehensive picture. Your individual playing style will significantly dictate what strategies are successful and what are not. This site offers numerous ingenious strategies demonstrating that low-tier pals can often be the game-changer in a potent team composition.

Developing a strategic approach in Palworld involves a lot of factors, and there’s no universal blueprint. The way each Pal excels and the composition of your lineups intertwine with numerous elements. 

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The evaluation criteria for pals include their performance in both battle and work scenarios, considering the following aspects:

  • Flexibility: The pals’ performance in different compositions is taken into account, evaluating how well they adapt to various setups.

  • Survivability: Both the survival statistics and abilities of the pals are considered to assess their ability to withstand damage and persist in battles.

  • Support Abilities: The pals’ capability to provide support functions to you is evaluated.

  • Damage Output: The pals’ damage-dealing abilities are assessed to determine their effectiveness in dealing damage to specific targets or other enemies.

Palworld Pals Tier List