Genshin Impact Qingxin Farming Guide (Ascension Materials For Xiao)

Genshin Impact Qingxin Farming Guide (Ascension Materials For Xiao)

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Qingxin is one of the main Ascension Materials for Xiao

Xiao is a new character for upcoming new banner of Genshin Impact

This guide will show you the locations easy to farm Qingxin around Liyue.

We highlight the best spots (with Yellow Star) for you to make sure these spots are the most efficient when you farm Qingxin in a daily basis. You can also tried to visit your friend’s server / instance only farming these spots with shortest amount of time.

Yanfei ‘s Passive skill will be displays the location of

Qingxin on the mini-map.

1) Qingyun Peak (Northwest of Liyue Harbour)

2) Jueyun Karst (Northwest of Liyue Harbour)

3) Qingxu Pool / Lingju Pass (West of Liyue Harbour)

4) Mingyun Village / Yaoguang Shoal (South of Dragonspine)

5) North of Mt. Aocang

These routes will let you collect enough Qingxin to ascend Xiao to lv 90 in no time! (Nodes respawn 24 hours real-life time)

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Also you might want to know his Best Temp Comp as well just for you to prepare the team before you get him.

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